CO-LIVING | Micro apartments

In the neighborhood of Naujamiestis, in a former administrative building, co-living spaces are being created to meet the contemporary needs of a young person. The proposed interior solutions respond to both the history and context of the site. Where possible, the building's existing finishes and structural layers are exposed or left untouched.

The shared work, rest areas, and technical rooms are located in the building's basement. The difference in floor levels, the strategic placement of colors, textures, and geometric shapes, allows the occupant to identify their position within the building visually and distinguish the spaces functionally. Additionally, the impression that the spaces overlap is created; however, the individual rooms can also function independently.

All four different types of apartments (16 – 17 m2) have everything a modern nomad needs: a separate bathroom, a comfortable kitchen area, a storage closet, and a transformable lounge and work zone. The main goal is to provide as much space as possible for comfortable daily life and self-expression.

The spatial configuration of the individual rooms is organized around an "embedded" wooden kitchen/bathroom unit. The wooden volume can separate the rest area from the cooking area or merge them when needed. Through this organizational method, a variety of programmatic relationships and room types emerge. The materiality of the rooms emphasizes the distinctive industrial spirit of the site: the wood veneer pattern complements the cold concrete floors and ceilings, while the mirrored surfaces visually increase the space, and the glass block partitions allow light to reach the shared hallway. This particular play with light and shadow reveals yet counters the heaviness of the building's exposed structure and creates the impression of lightness.

The co-living complex also features a roof terrace that houses leisure spaces and amenities such as an amphitheater/ outdoor cinema space, an open bar, and a sauna that allow the residents to take in the breathtaking panorama of Vilnius.


Project type: Interior
Status: Competition
Area: 5150 m2
Year: 2021
Location: Vilnius, Lithuania
Team: Laura Malcaitė, Dmitrij Kudin , Ricardo Rodrigues, Renata Mickevičiūtė.

Renderings: Ugnė Gudiškė