Crème de la Crème. Tallinn

Project type: Interior
Status: Built
Area: 61 m² 

Year: 2014
Location: Tallinn, Estonia
Team: Laura Malcaitė,  Dmitrij Kudin,

Karolina Jašinskaitė

Photographs: Darius Petrulaitis


Parfume Lab

This interior features a bold combination of marble and aluminium, lab-like sterile and lavish at the same time. It looks as if it were two different states of ice, with lighting imparting radiance, monumentality and certain delicacy, too. A recurrent architectonic rhythm gives an impression of order and precision. The elongated proportions offer certain adjustments to the parameters of the given space. This materially purist space is filled and warmed by the world of scents introducing us to the secrets of life and change.

The wooden details of the interior suggest an idea of a northern landscape as if it were intarsia of odours in ice. This surprising combination of materials, lab-like sterility, monumentality of forms and precise shelving arrangement create a buyer-friendly environment offering comfortable navigation and most beneficial display of perfumery and cosmetics. As opposed to this ice poetry, the goods are vibrant with life, luring the buyer into the delightful world of odours.