Gintaro room

The concept of this interior refers to the history of the still missing Amber Room of Peter I. Upon entering, you are welcomed by a white minimalist space, the purpose of which is prompted by the furniture inlaid with amber.

The exposition "opens up" to viewers only when they approach the exhibition cabinets and "hides from view" as they move on. Under the white veil hides an exposition of unique amber artisan-made items, shimmering with gold. The objects are exhibited against a brass background, thereby enhancing the unique visual properties of amber. These materials consciously form an indivisible glowing micro world.

Project type: Interjeras

Status: Įgyvendintas

Area: 50 m²

Year: 2022

Location: Nida, Lietuva

Team: Laura Malcaitė, Dmitrij Kudin, Ricardo Rodrigues

Photos: Norbert Tukaj