The Mizgiriai Museum of Amber

Project type: Interior
Status: Implemented
Area: 222 sq.m
Year: 2022
Location: Nida, Lithuania
Team: Dmitrij Kudin, Laura Malcaitė, Karolina Jašinskaitė
Display concept: Ralph Appelbaum Associates (RAA)
Photos: Norbert Tukaj

The idea of the interior is to create an atmosphere that draws the visitor into a separate amber world full of discoveries through tactile, light and acoustic sensations. As the interactive tour continues, the atmosphere is changing leading the visitor through the amber tree forest, the sea and the dunes, through fairy tales and legends, accompanied by people devoted to amber.

Housed in the former youth hostel, the museum building belongs to the cultural heritage of Nida. It was erected in the late thirties of the 20th century. Certain remaining elements of the old interior - part of the ceiling above the ground floor, wooden carved pillars with notched beam supports - hint at the materiality and colour of the interior elements.

Within the museum space, amber becomes an object of research, and the visitor becomes an explorer travelling through space and time, a researcher who sees, hears, touches, smells and tests.

In this space, amber, retrospectively presented as a carefully exhibited object and phenomenon, proudly occupies its essential place in the context of Lithuanian culture.