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Project type: Interior
Status: Built
Area: 389 m²
Year: 2012
Location: Vilnius, Lithuania
Team: Laura Malcaitė, Dmitrij Kudin
Photographs: Darius Petrulaitis, assistant: Pijus Kačonas


Industrial sfumato.
The Neris river making a fanciful curve embracing forest-clad stretches of Vingis Park… with the roofs of Zverynas sunk in greenery... What an inspiring view opening through the façade windows of the building!
We just wanted to absorb this view deep inside the office space, making it bathe in light.
We were looking for such transparency that would perfectly match both the function and the environment.
Eventually, we found the solution - the white mesh panels. They can both isolate and integrate things. Positioned somewhat apart from the windows and ceiling, the panels do not compress space, but rather let it extend beyond the glass, offering a scenic walk along façade windows.
Above this luminous with whiteness functional arrangement, we expose the framework of industrial architecture – the ceiling beam structures.
Concrete surfaces and rough shapes form a striking contrast to the subtle syntax of these mesh panels. Penetrating the mesh, light and image start vibrating producing the famous sfumato effect, a diffuse mist delicately integrating concrete surfaces, white structures, straight lines and subtle curves of nature opening behind the glass.
We have tried to add a provocative touch of creativity to the industrial architecture of today, so that people working here be inspired by some imperceptible mist, may it come from nature, city or from their own imagination.


Project won the 1st Prize at the "Palette of the Year", and 1st Prize at the “Interior of the Year ‘12”