OPEN Agency

The prime message sent by the interior design of the Open Agency office is that of openness. The idea of transparency and openness is perceived not only from the company's name. The building seating the office is open to the environment; its broad windows display a spectacular panorama of Vilnius. We sought to bring these views and natural light as deep into the space as possible without blocking the visual boundaries by blind walls. The axis of the interior is a wooden structure containing different functional objects, from glass partitions and acoustically isolated call rooms to locker and kitchen units. This design makes it possible to separate office spaces from the common passage without making strict boundaries. The fluted glass windows facing the passage spill natural light and preserve privacy. The natural wood counterbalances the monochromatic concrete ceilings and graphite-black flooring. The interior is a play upon different meanings of privacy and openness: the partitions of the zones that require more privacy are transparent to light but not to image. Wherever you want to maintain visual connection between spaces the transparent fluted glass is used. Curtains are a tool for acoustic control and space division. Curtains in the main recreation area make it possible to transform the amphitheater zone into an informal meeting space.

Project type: Interior

Status: Built
Area: 389.61 m² 

Year: 2017

Location: Vilnius, Lithuania
Team: Laura Malcaitė,  Dmitrij Kudin, Rūta Kazėnaitė

Photographs: Darius Petrulaitis