SIMETRIA furniture showroom

The display is a presentation of well-known brands of furniture, lighting fixtures and interior accessories.

The exposition features a wooden self-supporting frame joined by steel connectors. The whole structure looks like a giant toy construction set that you can assemble, dismantle and reassemble to create a different space.
The individual spaces for brand names are shaped by means of horizontal and vertical planes that form the volumes and fill the frame.
The exposition is to be walked round. In this way, stepwise, in the semi-enclosed spaces of a standard room size the interior objects open up. The typical scale of the room facilitates better estimation, harmonization and sensing.

Project type: Interior
Status: Built
Area: 360 m²
Year: 2013
Location: Vilnius, Lithuania
Team: Laura Malcaitė, Dmitrij Kudin
Photographs: Giedrius Dagys