WIX.COM second office in Vilnius

Project type: Interior
Status: Built
Area: 381 m² 

Year: 2016

Location: Vilnius, Lithuania
Team: Dmitrij Kudin, Laura Malcaitė, Rūta Kazėnaitė, Karolina Jašinskaitė

Photographs: Darius Petrulaitis, assistant Vytautas Narkevičius


Objective: to create an office interior comprising a multipurpose event space.


The underlying idea emerged while solving the project task: the continuous angularly stretching glass partitions divide the space into two distinctly contoured zones: one is meant for work, silence and concentration, while the other is intended for all sorts of events, lunches and discussions.  These continuously stretching partitions made it possible to bring harmoniuos integrity to this complex space. The characteristic ceiling contrasts with rectangular partitions, at the same time uniting the interior individual elements in an integral dynamic composition. The ‘circle’ or ‘dot’ motif in the interior emerged as an interpretation of dot-com, the internet industry symbol.