With our projects, we create spatial experiences - a sense of the extraordinary
in the ordinary (out of the ordinary in the ordinary).



We like to notice extraordinary things in the everyday and turn them into the language of architecture.

We know how to look from different perspectives. We care about both physical and
metaphysical properties of space. Therefore, each project has its own story and each space
has its own unique atmosphere. How a person - an adult, a child or a community - will feel in
the space depends on these characteristics.

Sensitivity to people, their surroundings, architectural, historical or social contexts, scale
and materials are integral aspects of the environments created by INBLUM.


We design not only spaces, but also create an environment. We work on projects of different
scales and typology, but we may freely go beyond the usual boundaries of typologies,
looking for synergies and innovation opportunities. We do this taking into account
sociocultural changes and reflecting global processes through architecture - from living habits
(habitat) to work culture and changes in education.

By constantly observing the context - other art forms and technological innovations - we draw
ideas that would add uniqueness and lasting value to our projects. Our concepts are often
based on technological innovations, quotes from history or art, and at all times on sensitivity
to architectural context.

Knowledge and experience in creating project concepts, including knowledge of technology
and craft, intertwined with a distinctive mindset and artistic approach, are among the key
distinctive features of the INBLUM studio, enabling creation and realization of conceptual
and customized architecture and interiors.

Understanding our responsibility as architects, we create an environment possessing
sustainable and lasting value that serves people.


Founded in 2005, the INBLUM Architecture and Interior Studio is managed by two partners -
architects Dmitrij Kudin and Laura Malcaitė. Currently, our team is made up of eight architects
and interior designers.

We are one of the leading architecture and interior design studios in Lithuania, winning most
of international and local awards.

In 2024, the Lojoteka project designed and implemented by us was nominated for the
European Union Prize for Contemporary Architecture/Mies Van Der Rohe Awards (EUmies

Every year, our projects are among those presented at the Open House architecture festival.


We design public and private architecture and interiors. For us, the interior is an integral part
of architecture, so we usually prepare projects in a comprehensive manner.

We have the most experience in educational buildings and their interiors, shop design concepts,
individual homes and office interiors.


In nearly 20 years of practice, we have perfected a work process that begins with research
and analysis, goes through the stages of prototyping and testing, and ends with a carefully
supervised realization.

We are focused on the quality of the result, so we pay much attention to the material, details
and execution.

We believe that innovative ideas are born in discussion and cooperation. Therefore,
communication with the clients and the ability to understand their needs are an integral part
of the process. To find out the needs, we apply various work methods - from individual work
with the client to creative workshops with communities.

Following the principles of inclusive design, we use creative workshops with various
communities to achieve socially integrated solutions and effective building
implementation strategies.

We appreciate cooperation with talented beginners, experienced architects, interior
designers, landscape and other specialists.